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04 June 2007 @ 02:41 pm
Her conversation with Wilson had gotten Cuddy thinking, and it lingered in the back of her mind for the rest of the day, rearing it's head every time she went to refill her coffee or take a break from her reports. Maybe she was crazy, but she couldn't just walk away from something every time she doubted her sanity.

She stayed late, long after her paperwork was done, just thinking. If she waited until she was absolutely sure that House loved her back, in his own way, she could be waiting forever. She knew he would probably hurt her; possibly not intentionally, or purposefully, but it would happen.

Cuddy went home, showered, snuggled into her big, empty bed. She tossed and turned, trying to escape the maelstrom of thoughts in her head, but sleep didn't come.

It was almost 2am when she realized that she literally couldn't wait another day. Wilson may not have been the best person to take love advice from, but although he may have three ex-wives, he wasn't afraid to take the plunge.

Pulling on some jeans and a babydoll t-shirt, slipping on the nearest pair of shoes (a killer pair of black pumps), she snatched her favourite coat on the way out the door and drove to House's apartment.

Cuddy pounded her fist impatiently against the door, hoping if he wasn't awake, he would hear her.
27 May 2007 @ 01:46 pm
Cuddy groaned as she took a sip of her after-lunch coffee, leaning back in her chair. It was a happy groan. It had been a few days since things went down with House, and although she was still troubled by the lack of resolution, she felt lighter, like she wasn't carrying around so much emotional baggage anymore.

Her suit was ivory boucle, she usually saved it for weddings but she was in a good mood. The collar of a white blouse with navy polka-dots framed her neck, where a large black pearl on a silver chain nestled between her breasts.

Logging in to her compter, she started reading through the report and deciding what she would write next.
22 May 2007 @ 02:29 pm
Two hours had passed and Cuddy had put in a marathon effort. Leaving her last patient, a young pregnant woman, with an appointment at the family planning clinic, she signed out of the clinic and headed for the elevator.

House had been due half an hour ago, and odds were he was late on purpose. She rode the elevator to diagnostics, her expression dark. It wasn't that she was angry, she just wanted House to know that she was his boss, and as such he had to do what she said. Not that it had made much difference before, but if she didn't keep trying he'd probably think she'd gone soft or something.

Cuddy found the office deserted except for Chase, who was picking at a salad and reading a journal.

"Seen House?" She asked curtly.

Chase looked up, a little surprised to see her there. He glanced involuntarily at the balcony. "No, I.."

Before he could find his words, Cuddy had gone outside. She could see House in Wilson's office, and cursed as she climbed over the small brick divider, the rain leaving dark patches on her suit.

The door was locked, so she pulled out her master key, pushing the door open dramatically. "You're a hard man to find." She said
19 May 2007 @ 11:09 am
Cuddy pulled into the parking lot on Monday morning, singing along loudly to the Carpenter's CD in her car. It was still icy, and she shivered slightly at the burst of cold air as she opened the car door. Carefully, she stepped out onto the pavement, narrowly avoiding a puddle of slush.

It was the first day back since she'd given House his parking space, and she half wanted to wait outside for him to see him gloat. It wasn't that she liked to lose; but gloating was as close to happy as House ever got, and as much as Cuddy savoured seeing him suffer, she treasured the rare moments when the weight of the world seemed to lift from his shoulders. Even if those moments tended to also annoy the hell out of her.

She carefully navigated her way across the car park, heading for the front doors. The wind was blowing up under her skirt, chilling her upper thighs and making her wish she had the patience for pantihose.

Inside, Cuddy bought herself a coffee and leaned against the counter by the doors, casually planning her day in her head as she waited for House to show.
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14 May 2007 @ 02:36 pm
Cuddy stared blankly at the door of her office, her vision blurring slightly as she stared off into space. It was late, normal for her, only the difference now was she wasn't doing the work she was supposed to be. The end of her pencil rested lightly against the corner of her mouth, some patient or other's chart open on the desk beneath her splayed fingers. Her other hand cupped her chin, and a noise outside startled her to realize that she'd spaced out.

Straightening her posture, she tried to push the real reason she was still working out of her mind. Today was test day, and she was worried, scared that once again she'd get a negative. The later she stayed here, hunched over files that could realistically wait until morning, the longer she could put it off. It didn't matter that logically, she could take the test at the hospital - Cuddy preferred to do it at home simply because it meant no one would see her frustration and disappointment when she came up with her hands empty.

She had to remain strong, unwavering; as a figurehead for the hospital any weakness in her would show weakness in the hospital. Yet there were a select few who knew she was human - House was one of them, no matter how endlessly difficult he made her job, she was always going to be partly to blame for letting affect her the way he did.

With a sigh, she looked back down at the chart.
13 May 2007 @ 05:43 am
She was going to kill him. After she'd pulled out all the stops to keep him out of prison, here he was defying her and performing dangerous tests purely to psych out the patient. Legally, there was nothing she could do, all the consent forms were signed and valid. Personally, it was another matter entirely.

Cameron had paged her during a board meeting and she'd had to duck out to speak with her. Her presentation fell apart because her fury was so distracting she couldn't even manage to channel it into something productive.

Bursting into the clinic, Cuddy didn't even bother to dump her papers in her office. Off her look, Jenna, the girl who kept the clinic patients in line, pointed toward exam room three. She nearly took out an elderly woman as she charged over, throwing open the door before she could even consider House might be with a patient.

Of course, she grunted, he wasn't. He was sitting on the exam table with his damn gameboy or whatever, and irritatingly undisturbed by her presence. With a glance out the door, Cuddy decided this was going to get ugly, and none of the other staff or patients needed to see it. She slammed it closed, gripping the folder in her hands so tightly her knuckles were white.

"We need to talk."
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